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[LF074MP3] Five Starcle Men - Gomba Reject Ward Japan

Published July 13, 2007

This FSM history album (spanning 1992-1998) for study by government demons and cartoons for Japanese kid of audience is not gay. But this is a gay press release for the University Press and Disney CGI.
Artwork by Funitzo.

Download: VBR MP3 + Cover

Track Listing:
01. So Far Backie
02. Follow Me To The Store
03. Yellow Frog Legs
04. Donavon Palsy Master Ward
05. Our House Is Important
06. Bitchen Transmission
07. Spaceman And Human
08. 48 Of Stars
09. Stutterer
10. Ducks Abduct
11. Only Kids Of Nothing Star
12. Pizza Hut Families Rule
13. From Death Trap
14. Ten Foot Barbie Ward
15. I Said Momma
16. Teen Texas Concert
17. Oh My Goodness
18. Electric Valley
19. Mommy On Drugs
20. Broadway World Kids
21. We Come From A Land
22. Starcle Manee Alien
23. Baby FSM
24. Starcle Cartoon Glossolalia
25. Crevice Block Poet
26. Gomblasemba Lumbieca
27. Calm Stay Calm
28. You Will Realize Me


These kids were involved in alien drug torture and deadly cartoon culture governments. They loved performing their little hit "Pizza Hut Families Rule" which often led to their being kicked off stage by the police or various forces that didn't like the song. Using modern cultural, pharmacological, and other technologies, these young suburban punks constructed highly aestheticized, delusional realities for themselves and their viewers, often resulting in a dangerous sense of political and intellectual ability.
Glen Hobbs soon died by suicide. He left many fabulous artifacts.
Luke McGowan now studies science, philosophy, and history at university.

Glen Hobbs (1975-1998)
Luke McGowan


Reviewer: lil ill - - June 29, 2011
Subject: purple drank
lean gods!
Reviewer: texaspunch - - September 29, 2008
Subject: xfiles
these are aliens. i met them in texas and they are fucking crazy insane asylum boy scoots.
Reviewer: japgirl - - September 16, 2008
Subject: candy flipping dance party
pizza hut family transcend spirit
Reviewer: ubunoir - - August 29, 2007
Subject: a stunning release!
dada at its best!